Important Notes!!

Important Notes!!


The 23rd World Orchid Conference will be held in Tainan, Taiwan from February 25 – 28, 2024, with judging on the 23rd of February and the show will be open to the public from February 25  – March 10, 2024. The location for the WOC will be the ICC Tainan in Tainan, situated next to the high-speed train station. The main theme of the show is based on the concept of world common good and native co-creation, and the introduction of international orchid exchanges, which symbolizes the prospect of Taiwan's orchid industry for the next century.


Tainan is Taiwan’s oldest city and in 2024 will be celebrating the four-hundred-year anniversary of the founding.  As part of the celebrations the very popular annual lantern festival will be held on land surrounding the ICC from February 24  to March 10, 2024. It is expected to create a multiplier effect of one plus one greater than two, which will surely attract many people to come and join in this grand event.


There will also be an orchid and trade show at the Taiwan Orchid Technology Park in Houbi District, about 40 minutes from the ICC Tainan.  To attract buyers from all over the world to participate the exhibition in Taiwan, improve the techniques of production and marketing strategies, and establish the international reputation of Taiwan's orchid industry. Looking forward to building an orchid production and export base that combines low-carbon environmental protection and technological innovation and implements the goal of promoting the internationalization of Taiwan's orchid industry marketing.


In addition to the magnificent show, all the usual aspects of a good World Orchid Conference and Show will be prominent in Tainan: an extensive international conference programme with speakers from around the world, covering not just science but also all aspects of orchid growing, exploration, and history.  There will be international judging, several social events, banquets, tours to see culture, orchids in the wild and orchid nurseries. The content is very exciting!