The 23rd WOC

 Taiwan has always been devoted to advance orchid industry into next age. The government, academic research units, and whole Taiwan orchid industry are working together to discover possibilities of orchids in technology improvement, product development, and variety right protection.

    Recently, Taiwan strives into preservation about to promote variety right, investing in certification of orchid varieties, and also collecting worldwide species in order to continue the rich biological diversity on Earth. Relevant academic research units have also been actively involved in researches to improve the technology of breeding, cultivating, and the pests and diseases prevention.


In order to adapt to new trends, the main topics for the 23rd World Orchid Conference 2024 (23rd WOC 2024) and the exhibition will be focused on Conservation & Preservation, Orchid Technology, and Life Application. Local and international scholars and experts from various orchid-related fields, as well as professionals from international botanic gardens will all be invited to the conference in Taiwan to exchange and share their valuable experiences. The exhibition will be divided into different areas with a selection of topics based on regions and the range distribution of altitude. We aim to present Taiwan’s vitality and diversity in the universal orchid industry by incorporating the diversified development of orchid into the conference and exhibition.